What is the purpose of the Backup-as-a-Service using Veeam Cloud Connect?

The Veeam Cloud Connect Backup-as-a-Service is a cloud connected target solution for customer backups and backup copies. Our cloud solution will effectively replace your current tape storage system as well as offsite data requirements

What technology is used for the Backup-as-a-Service?

The core technology used for the service is based on Veeam Cloud Connect Software.

Can only Veeam be used to back up to the Backup-as-a-Service?

The initial release of the Backup-as-a-Service solution is aimed at customers utilizing Veeam today. Our infrastructure and design will allow us to expand to other software and platforms in the near future

How do I set-up Veeam Cloud Connect?

User guides and instructions are available on the portal @ http://backup..co.za in the documentation link/tab.
Additional information can be requested @ vsupport@.co.za

Is the data encrypted? Does have access to the data?

Yes, clients have the ability to enable encryption of data in transfer and at rest.
No, does not have access to the data.

Does Veeam Cloud Connect support multiple retention policies?

Yes, Veeam Cloud Connect supports customer defined retention policies - with the granularity and retention period desired.

Can Backup-as-a-Service be used as a secondary backup location?

Yes, Veeam Cloud Connect behaves just as your local repository. A local backup copy can simply be replicated to as a secondary cloud location using the Veeam Backup & Replication console.

Can Veeam backup my Hyper-V, VMware and standalone server environments?

Yes, Veeam Cloud Connect software allows for any combination of VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, standalone Windows & Linux Servers as well as Nutanix clusters to be backed up to DCX BaaS

How can I ensure that my cloud data resides in South Africa?

Backup-as-a-Service solution will only store data at our own datacentres within the borders of South Africa. Our Veeam Cloud Connect datacentres are located in Samrand, Midrand and Cape Town. Future expansion includes Durban, Eastern Cape (East London & Nelson Mandela Bay) as well as Bloemfontein. Customers will be able to connect to the datacentre with the lowest latency to ensure highest throughputs

Is Outline Free?

Can multiple sites backup to the same Veeam Cloud Connect repository?

Yes, multiple sites can back up to the same repository.

Is the data compressed before backup to the Backup-as-a-Service repository?

Yes, Veeam de-duplicates & compresses data before sending it offsite to the repository. De-duplicated ratios will depend on the type to data being backed up.

How do we restore data?

Restore process is initiated and managed through your Veeam Backup & Replication Console, same as your local restores.

Can Backup-as-a-Service solution backup Physical Infrastructure?

Yes, Veeam Cloud Connect software allows for any combination of VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, standalone Windows & Linux Servers as well as Nutanix clusters to be backed up to DCX BaaS

Is Outline Free?

What are the pricing elements?

Capacity pricing starts at R1.60/GB per month.
Volume-based discounts as well as contract discounts, with prices going as low as R1.04/GB is provided for.
can provide monthly subscriptions for Veeam products, including:

  • Veeam Availability Suite (Veeam B&R + VeeamOne)
  • Veeam Backup & Replication
  • Veeam Cloud Connect
  • Veeam Agent for Windows and Linux

How can I try Veeam Cloud Connect?

is offering a free 30-day trial of the Backup-as-a-Service. You can apply online for a demo account at .co.za"> http://backup..co.za

I need someone to assist with the installation

offers value added service that includes Fully Managed Backup & Replication Services. Please send an email to .co.za"> vsales@.co.za for further assistance

Can offer DR-as-a-Service?

The DRaaS is scheduled for release. Please send an email to .co.za "> vsales@.co.za for further assistance

Can I backup my home or small business desktops or laptops to the Backup-as-a-Service solution?

Yes, we offer the Veeam Cloud Connect solution to anyone who wants to backup.

Must I be a account customer to use this service?

No, also offers prepaid solutions with payment methods that includes Credit Cards, Debit cards, PayPal and EFT’s. With our portal, you can start backing up within two minutes if you already have Veeam installed. You can apply and pay at .co.za"> http://backup..co.za

I am an existing customer, how can I get Backup-as-a-Service?

Contact your Account Manager or email .co.za "> vsales@.co.za Existing customers can request this service via a normal purchase order

What bandwidth do I require to backup to the Backup-as-a-Service?

Bandwidth will determine how long a backup will take to complete. Backup speed and capacity will directly depend on the bandwidth available. Please use the chart below as a reference for backup capabilities at different speeds

Is this service available outside South Africa?


Does offers “seeding” services?

Yes, for initial movement of data, offers a seeding service. Seeding can be quick or can take a very long-time dependant on your data and performance of your equipment. Seeding services costing will be based on actual time spent to copy and move data to the storage repositories

Who can I contact for further information?

.co.za "> vsales@.co.za +27 87 741 5000